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“SVOE BEER” has four varieties: ale, light, light wheat, stout and exclusive. You can take «to go» in PET packaging from 1l


"SVOE BEER" exclusive - these are seasonal varieties brewed by our brewer according to their original recipe, have a unique taste and aroma, do not repeat and have no analogues! Available in glass bottles and in a set

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We use only the best raw materials: German malt, Czech and American aromatic hops, French yeast and prepared purified water


We produce our beer on the best German brewing equipment in the world, which has more than 300 years of experience


«SVOE BEER» weissbier

unfiltered beer with a pleasant bitterness and obvious hop aroma


«SVOE BEER» amber ale

with a pleasant sweet aftertaste of caramel malt


«SVOE BEER» lager

with a delicate malt flavor and soft hop bitterness


«SVOE BEER” stout

velvety with a slight dryness and chocolate notes


«SVOE BEER» exclusive

exclusive brew according to our brewer's recipe

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Left till St. Patrick's Day

Dear guests

Giving joy and care for each of you is our mission. Therefore, despite the restrictive measures, we will continue to be with you. From 03.17.2020, service in the To Dublin Irish Pub will be carried out by reservation and with the delivery of our gourmet dishes to your homes. For the safety of our guests, we have introduced additional preventive measures:

– conducted training for personnel of individual preventive measures

– Introduced daily temperature measurements to employees before starting work and during the working day

– updated information posters and staff reminder about the importance and technique of washing hands and treatment with alcohol-containing antiseptics

– we are fully provided with detergents and disinfectants, as well as personal protective equipment

– we use raw materials only from reliable suppliers, since we have an implemented HACCP system

Information on how to protect yourself from the corona of the virus can be found at:

You can order your favorite dishes (050) 442 78 73 And do not forget that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, which means that our delicious beer is waiting for you !!!


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6 months ago

Кажуть, що все смакуе краще на свіжому повітрі😀
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6 months ago


Пивовар запустив на крани новий сорт хмільного СВОЄ крафт🍺

Карамельний лагер 🍺

IBU: 15
OG: 12
ALK: 5% ... See more

7 months ago

Евро 2020⚽️ 1/8 фіналу ⚽️
🇺🇦Україна - 🇸🇪Швеція
2 - 1
Вітаємо з перемогою та виходом до 1/4 ... See more

7 months ago

⚽️Сьогодні! 19:00!🔥

🇺🇦Україна - 🇦🇹Австрія!

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Головна подія цього літа - Чемпіонат Європи з Футболу!

🍀В "To Dublin" ця подія відбудеться в компанії чудового ... See more

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Пивовар запустив на кран СВОЕ крафт «Blanc»🍺 з фруктовими нотками!

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Пивовар запустив на кран СВОЕ крафт «Blanc»🍺 з фруктовими нотками!

Воно має м'який солодовий смак з тонким ... See more

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Нарешті повертаємось до звичайного графіку роботи:
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